Could A Soft Tip Darts Machine Boost Your Pub’s Sales?

The Campaign for Real Ale quote UK pub closures at 18 per week (link) and quite apart from the effect this has on local communities, it obviously means 18 households have lost their livelihoods and maybe their homes.

Competition for customers is increasingly tough within the licensed trade with pubs and clubs being attacked from all angles; cheap alcohol sales on the high street, drink driving laws, anti-smoking legislation to name a few.

It isn’t all doom and gloom though, we all know successful pubs that are thriving whilst nearby establishments languish in the doldrums. What’s their secret? Obviously, there isn’t a single magic solution, but it’s safe to say that they’re doing something a bit different to bring in the customers; maybe they’ve built up a strong band of ‘regulars’ or are at the centre of their community.

Thriving pubs and clubs often have community groups closely associated with them and these are often sporting related; the pub cricket team, the pub football team and, of course, the pub’s darts team.

Inter-pub sports competitions stimulate trade, not only ensuring the team meets at the pub but, in the case of a darts team, competing teams will visit too. This is great news when other teams visit you, but what about when your team is away, spending money somewhere else?

One way to keep your darts team at home is to enable them to play other teams from their home pub. That might sound like a strange concept, but with the advent of electronic, or soft tip darts machines this is now easily achievable. In fact, soft tip darts are highly popular throughout large parts of the world, with leagues such as the Phoenix Darts League becoming ever more popular.

Soft Tip UK (STUK) provide soft tip darts machines throughout the UK which are connected to the internet so teams or individuals can play against anyone else with a soft tip darts machine, anywhere in the world. This can happen in real time or scores can be saved so matches can take place within different time zones. Alternatively, scores for individuals can be saved so that next time they’re having a pint in their local they can compete against their last score!

So, what are soft tip darts and how do they work? Essentially, the board and darts look almost exactly the same as a standard set up, the only difference being that the darts are no longer sharp – they are soft tip darts.

Because the darts are no longer sharp, it’s easier to choose where to site a soft tip dartboard machine because any darts bouncing off the soft tip dartboard will not injure an innocent bystander having a quiet pint!

The dartboard calculates the scores in real time as the soft tip darts are thrown; no more chalkboard arithmetic and soft tip darts machines can be set to play and score various versions of darts such as double top start, 501, 301 or round the board.

soft tip darts machine from Soft Tip UK can cost as little as £40 per month and will certainly be a real draw for customers, increasing a pub or club’s food and drink sales to both regulars and new visitors alike.

From a customer’s point of view, playing on a soft tip dartboard machine means they can compete with anyone anywhere in the world or simply compete locally by having the machine store their scores for other local players to challenge.

In short, a soft tip darts machine will keep regulars engaged, tempting them to stay longer on your premises and at the same time allow you to promote your globally connected darts machine to new potential customers.

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