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Soft Tip Darts Machine

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Soft tip darts is rapidly becoming a global success. Here at Soft Tip UK (STUK) we are the first to introduce Phoenix digital darts machines to the UK. The Phoenix darts machines connect players across the World to compete in the comfort of their home or local pub or club.

Why Bring Soft Tip Darts to your Venue

Here are the various ways that your venue could benefit from having a Phoenix soft tip darts machine:

  • Profit Share – we offer various profit share options, so you don’t have to pay a rental fee
  • Rental you can rent a soft tip machine and keep all of the revenue generated by the machine
  • Free Delivery – we deliver to all areas of the UK. All machines are setup by trained technicians, that will take care of the setup and explain how the digital darts machines function
  • Onsite Technical Support – all of our machines are fully supported and in the rare event of an issue occurring with the machine, we will send a technician to solve the issue
  • Increased Drink Sales – history has proven that the machines get customers more engaged, which keeps them in the venue longer. Which leads to more money spent on food and drink
  • Customer Membership Cards – Phoenix darts league cards are available for secondary customer spend. Proven part of customer retention and repeat spend at your venue
  • Advertisements Opportunities – you also have the option to sell adverts to businesses, so their business can be promoted on you soft tip darts machine
  • House Darts – we can also supply house soft tip darts at discount rates
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Don’t Be Shy

If you think your business could benefit from a soft tip darts machine, please give our friendly team a call on: 01772 428104 or fill out the form below and we will call you back.