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STUK – Soft Tip UK Limited was formed on the 15th May 2018

Owned by Simon Rigby’s RIGBY ORGANISATION ( under the leadership of Betsid Group’s Paul Kirkby ( STUK intend to Bring the Soft Tip Revolution to the UK

“The dream started on a holiday to Madrid with a few pals, we had been searching for a sports bar to watch the football and we stumbled into a bar, the Billarnet Café ( This was my first Phoenix experience and I loved it! I don’t think we left the bar for the next two days.

My first thought was we need these in the UK and how can I make it happen…. I’m very fortunate to have the backing of Simon and we went on to acquire thirteen machines, unlucky for some you may say but quite the opposite for STUK! We have installed eight machines in Preston’s fantastic new leisure venue LEVEL ( and conducted our first residential install, something ground breaking for the world not just the UK

Even in the first month, the interest and orders have rolled in and we are about to start the roll out and realise the dream of Phoenix darts being in every city and town in the UK”

To be continued……………….

Paul Kirkby
Managing Director STUK

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